Empowering Leaders, Enabling Change

All of our coaching is tailored to the individual, your team, and your organization.​ VIV Coaching is firmly grounded in the principles of meaningful and sustainable impact, on both a personal and professional level. Unlike typical organizational development programs, we don't simply train people and leave them to sustain the momentum. VIV is with you through each step of your journey.

Our Vision

An abundant world where nature and humanity thrives together

Our Mission

Support impact-driven businesses to grow sustainably

VIV Can Help You Move Through The Following Challenges:

  • "The organization is reaching a critical inflection point and I’m worried that I may be missing things in my strategies.”
  • “Because I spend so much time running the business and managing my direct reports, I’ve had no time for my development.”
  • “It’s extremely difficult to get objective feedback on my ideas because very few people internally will risk disagreeing with me.”
  • “I’m inconsistent in finding the discipline to block out time in my schedule to think, discuss, and develop fresh new ideas for the business.”
VIV focuses on three dedicated coaching styles: Leadership Coaching, Change Management, and Strategic Development. We are committed to empowering leaders and organizations to find sustainable solutions, achieve success, and thrive through challenges.

How It Works

VIV focuses on three dedicated coaching styles: Change
Management, Leadership Coaching, and Strategic Development.

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Change Management

VIV Change Management Coaching does not focus on the mechanics of change management. Instead, it addresses the often-missing piece of change: the mindset and behaviours need to lead themselves and others in the organization effectively and efficiently through a period of change.

We help clients:

  • Develop resilience, capacity, and composure when change occurs.
  • Navigate resistance and close the gap between where you are now and where you want, or need to be. Let the transition become a competitive advantage for you, your team, and the organization as a whole.
  • Manage the people side of change—including creating stability, communicating with clarity, sharing a compelling vision, setting expectations, and engaging others in the transformation process.
  • Raise your self-awareness and discover how you can build on your inherent strengths while working on opportunities for improvement.


Be the leader you were meant to be.

VIV Leadership Coaching is a powerful tool that helps leaders at all levels leverage the skills within themselves to maximize performance. We teach you to increase awareness through practice and straightforward feedback. You’ll sharpen your inherent leadership skills to better motivate teams and deliver specific personal, professional, and organizational goals.

Whether you're a seasoned leader looking to up your game, or an aspiring or emerging leader, leadership coaching can help you get clear on your goals and objectives, increasing capacity, effectiveness, and resilience.

Strategic Development

Our Strategic Development Coaching helps leaders at all levels maximize their ability to think and act strategically to achieve short- and long-term goals.

With this coaching you will be able to:

  • Confidently set strategic direction and minimize risk with the guidance of a strategy expert before decisions are made.
  • Find a safe harbour to “think out loud” without having to carefully edit each thought as you do when speaking to colleagues within your organization.
  • Ignite a wealth of developmental tools of your own to build your strategic capabilities.
  • Make time and space for honest, objective feedback.
  • Develop a new source of strategic insights to help you achieve your goals.

Group Sessions

While one-on-one coaching can increase individual effectiveness, teams must be prepared to work well together and adapt in increasingly complex and challenging environments. 

VIV Group Coaching helps you to better understand how you see yourself, and how to build capacity, effectiveness, competencies, and more. Whether you are an individual looking to grow personally and/or professionally, or part of a team that wants to strengthen culture and dynamics, our group coaching is a great way to launch the conversation. 

In group sessions you will learn:

  • Develop a better clarity of self, others, and the systems we are a part of.
  • Take on greater ownership and responsibility.
  • Learn to explore others’ perceptions and how they impact us.
  • Improve performance, professionally and personally.
  • Increase openness to learning and development.
  • Improve ability to hone in on solutions to work-related challenges.
  • Learn how your own experiences have shaped who you are, and how you can harness those experiences to become more effective.